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ANOMALY is an admin user for the Anomaly Media Network of SMiles Lewis. His lifelong interest in all things anomalous led to his creation (and occasional curation) of the network of websites that includes... / / @ Anomaly / / AnomalyMedia.Biz @ @ Austin-UFOn / AusTex Metro UFO Network @ ELFIS.netForteans @ MemeJack @ / @ @ TexWine @ @ / @

Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools – Reveal suggests you listen to… Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools Part 1 Stairs lead to the basement of Drexel Hall at the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Some community members want the … Continue reading


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#RushCovers – La Villa Strangiato

#RushCovers – La Villa Strangiato

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Depth Charge

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Grooving our y’all


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Encounter 103: “A Creature from the Blackest Memory of your Fears” – The Saucer Life

Artist’s impression of the Flatwoods monsterby Tim Bertelink, CC BY-SA 4.0 The Flatwoods Monster appeared in Braxton County, West Virginia in September 1952, at the tail end of a summer full of flying saucers all over the United States. The bizarre … Continue reading

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Exclusive to WhoWhatWhy: The Barrett Brown Podcast

The Barrett Brown Podcast Barrett Brown (left), Suzie Dawson and John Kiriakou Photo credit: Barrett Brown, Suzie Dawson, Slowking4 / Wikimedia (CC BY-NC)                 Barrett Brown talks with CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and with … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing Cover-Up: A Conversation with Michele McPhee

Boston Marathon Bombing Cover-Up: A Conversation with Michele McPhee – WhoWhatWhy Author and Journalist Discusses Why the Government’s Story is Unraveling AUDIO LINK: FBI Director, Robert Mueller, briefs President Obama on the Boston Marathon bombings. He resigned in September of … Continue reading

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The Liminalist # 42: Hollywood Transgressor (with Alex Cox) – AUTICULTURE

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:40:27 — 92.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Long-form conversation with independent filmmaker Alex Cox, on Alex in winter wonderland, diegetic sound, Oxford days, the changing climate at Oxford, an environment … Continue reading

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Seeming, Being, and the Courage to go Deeper by Briana Saussy

Read the whole article / post here: In the old stories when the hero needed to see something clearly, needed to strip away illusion and get to the bottom of something she would often ask three questions: Who are you? … Continue reading

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Peter Dale Scott: The American Deep State (ONE of TWO)

Peter Dale Scott: The American Deep State (ONE of TWO) by Maria on December 30, 2014 Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy Professor Peter Dale Scott is a Canadian-born former diplomat, and retired Professor of Literature … Continue reading

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