Show #442 Part 1 – Jim DiEugenio, John McAdams

  • Opening statements: First John, then Jim
  • The opening statements present the credibility of evidence as seen by both opponents
  • The points made will be too numerous to list. Please listen to the audio for your best coverage
  • Q: Why should anyone believe the ‘Single Bullet Theory?’
    • A: John – The abrasion collar, no bullet on the x-rays, placement of Connally and Kennedy in the vehicle
    • A: Jim – Direction of the abrasion collar, a .765 bullet found in Dealy Plaza, the location of the back wound, the angle of the wounds through Kennedy and Connally
    • Counterpoint: John – Why the exit was smaller than the entrance wound? Location of the back wound relative to the throat wound
    • Counterpoint: Jim – Malcom Perry’s evidence; the weapons used will never be known
  • Q: Whose portrait of Oswald is correct the Commission’s or Jim Garrison’s?
    • A: Jim – Oswald’s relationship with Ferrie; the Mexican embassy visit; Oswald info at CI/SIG; Oswald’s right-wing ties in Dallas
    • A: John – Evidence that Oswald’s defection is nothing but genuine; Oswald didn’t really know any U-2 secrets; the White Russians took pity on Marina Oswald; the leftist opinions of Oswald in New Orleans
    • Counterpoint: Jim – When Oswald met Ferrie; John Newman paraphrase brought in as evidence; George DeMohrenschildt
    • Counterpoint: John – Countering Jim’s DeMohrenschildt evidence; Oswald only a radar operator, he knew nothing; Oswald just a mixed-up kid
  • Q: Did Oswald go to Mexico City, and if so what did he do there?
    • A: John – Marina said he did as a way to get to Cuba; Oswald had a romantic (idealogical) attachment to Castro; pictures of Oswald in Mexico City and letters; phone numbers of an embassy staffer in Oswald’s book
    • A: Jim – The baggage list doesn’t match the evidence; Oswald’s name spelled wrong;n o pictures of Oswald going or coming out of the embassy; the description didn’t match Oswald
    • Counterpoint: John – Oswald’s sightings were real
    • Counterpoint: Jim – Anne Goodpasture knew who the man purported to be Oswald in the photos was
  • Q: Are you satisfied with the official autopsy?
    • A: Jim: Which of the 3 autopsies?, Descriptions of all 3
    • A: John – The autopsy was rushed by request of the family; why the autopsy was moved
    • Counterpoint: Jim – Mis-orientation of the autopsy photo; Michael Baden proven dishonest
    • Counterpoint: John – The conclusions reached were the same from all panels
  • Q: Do you believe the official x rays and photos are real?
    • A: John – The many ways the x-rays were compared and identified to be JFK
    • A: Jim – To blame this on Hume’s memory lapse is ludicrous; the sinus prints are a red herring
    • Counterpoint: John – Blacked out x-ray not accurate; the set of pictures make sense only as a whole
    • Counterpoint: Jim – The pictures are poorly catalogued, they probably wouldn’t make the evidence list

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