Ellen Brown – The Web of Debt & The Manufactured Financial Crash


We have Ellen Brown with us, the author of “Web of Debt”. We talk about the money system, the privately owned Federal Reserve in the US and then move on to talk about the current financial situation, corruptian and the international bankers. Topics Discussed: Suppression of Alternative Medicine as a way into the Economic Issue, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Taxpayers Money, Competing Bank Systems, Publicly Issued Money, Hyperinflation, American Revolution, Paper Money, King George, Alexander Hamilton, British Bankers, Breton Woods Agreement, Bankrupt United States, Richard Nixon, Reserve, Contraction of Currency, “Shadow Lenders”, Federal Reserve, Amero, Global Regulation, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Goldman Sachs, AIG 85 Billion, 13 Billion Dollars to Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin, 2 Million People Showed Marched on Washington, Compound Interest, Oil and Banking Cartel, Quadruple the Oil, International Bankers, Parasitic, IMF, Who are we Lending Money from? What is the IRS? Jo…

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Red Ice Creations Radio

Red Ice Creations Radio


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