Show #439 – Tom Rossley

  • Tom Rossley website
  • He originally accepted the official story and was prompted by a dissenter while listening to the radio
  • Tom lists 6 felonious charges that could be brought to Government and Media
  • He’s always able to counter his critics with facts and his street toughness
  • Lone nutters only use the Warren Report charges and conclusions, won’t defer to real evidence
  • James Wolcott: Oswald was paid regularly by the CIA! This was suppressed
  • The campaign against Jim Garrison by the CIA and the media
  • The government tried to completely undermine Garrison’s case before it went to court
  • Stone’s JFK was the only movie to ever be totally vilified by the government & media before it was released
  • Tom never speculates. He always quotes facts to prevent a loss of credibility
  • JFK’s enemies… They were all domestic
  • Oswald: A radar operator at 3 different top secret U-2 bases sometimes as the man in charge…
  • Had a higher than average IQ… and he had a working knowledge of 5 languages
  • A great many points that prove Oswald was an intelligence officer
  • Points made about the firing of Dulles, Cabell and Bissell of the CIA
  • Until you read the volumes of the Warren Commission Report, you can never be sure who’s lying to you and…
  • In 45 years Tom has never heard a Warren Commission supporter ask someone to read the evidence and testimony
  • Bullet evidence does not support the official view
  • Sprague and Gonzalez booted off the HSCA for being truthful
  • Oswald’s ties to the anti-Castro movement while an supposed communist
  • Tom: Criminal Gerald Ford should have died in prison
  • An exerpt from volume 1 HSCA – The black bar inserted in the Zapruder film
  • The several Secret Service impersonators in Dealey Plaza

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