iTunes Talk Radio Directory Research

iTunes Talk Directory Research part 2

Back in February I took a sample of activity and updatedness for the Talk Radio Directory available through users of the popular iTunes audio player.

As I said in my initial post back in February, I was thinking long and hard about applying to be listed in this valuable outlet for station discovery by new listeners.

Then as now I’m focused on known Live365 Talk Stations with a few non-Live365 ones thrown in for comparison while mostly excluding the mainstream media stations (though I think I’ll throw that in afterwards as a separate post). Among the things I noted then were “the number of dead / defunct stations or old information for current stations.” Sadly that hasn’t changed. There are still Dead Stations, some changes in bitrates (some complete changeovers I’m uncertain about the nature of) and I’m happy to say several seemingly newly added Live365 and non-Live365 stations.

Now, onto the …

DATA DUMP (with some commentary / more to follow):

American Family Radio
64 kbps
Christian talk radio based on family values with Dave Ramsey, Wall Builders, Today’s Issues
on air
TLH: 7672 as of 080926
Created: Aug 9, 07

ASCAP Playback
128 kbps
Live365 Editorial Pick of the Month. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers‚ Official Promo and Interview Station
on air
– ASCAP Playback
(only 1400 TLH? as of Feb. 2008 down to 901 TLH as of 080926)

Avant Gard AM
32 kbps Progressive Talk Shows, Culture, Events
STILL off air
– Avant Gard AM –
(No Stream – 3 streams listed in L365 dir with less than 1000 TLH as of Feb. 2008 – created in 2002 / abandoned in 2007?) (See Also Radio Power radio below…)

Big Soccer Radio
[16 kbps / changed to 32kbps]]
All the best shows …. Again!
on air
NUMBER 2 in SPORTS genre and NUMBER 4 in TALK genre with 42403 TLH as of 080926
– Big Soccer Radio – Site copyrighted 2003
(No Stream / site says #1 sport talk on L365 but not there anymore)

DennyRadio 24/7
56 kbps
The Next Generation Of Talk Radio, DennyRadio 24/7
on air with 5614 TLH as of 080926
– DennyRadio
(Nearly 6000 TLH as of Feb. 2008 – Created June 2007)

Deutsche Welle Radio
64 kbps
Deutschlands internationaler Sender. Nachrichten, Analysen und Reportagen rund um die Uhr!
STILL off air though iTunes tried to play
Deutsche Welle Radio
64 kbps
Germany’s international broadcaster. 24/7 – News, Analysis and Services!
STILL off air though iTunes tried to play
– Deutsche Welle World News (Not via Live365 but still…)
(Two listings and No Streams from iTunes directory)
Found stream through searching website,2142,3163,00.html

Enlightenment Radio
[64 kbps / changed to 32kbps]
Meditation and Peace 24/7
on air
TLH: 5525 as of 080926
Created: Sep 26, 06

Free Capitalist Radio
[64 kbps changed to 112/224kbps]
National Talk Radio with Rick Koerber – Turn your Brain On!
off air though iTunes tried to play / 7857 TLH as of 080926
– Free Capitalist Radio (pro Christian site from Utah?)
(Streaming w/over 8000 TLH as of Feb. 2008 – created Sept 2007)

Hayhouse Radio-Radio for your Soul
[64 kbps changed to 56kbps]
Featuring Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Brown, Doreen Virtue amongst others.
on air / think I made a miscalculation on the TLH in Feb. as it is now 20516 as of 080926. So I think it was over TWENTY thousand (still good).
– HayHouse Radio (pro Self-Improvement site)
(Streaming w/over 200 thousand TLH as of Feb. 2008 – created Nov 2006)

Healing Your Soul Radio
64 kbps
Inspirational Talk, Music and Meditations to heal the soul.
on air
TLH: 2909 as of 080926
Created: Mar 4, 08

64 kbps
Things to do. What to see. Where to eat.
on air
Is this related to this Live365 station?
Oldies, 50s, 60s
Live, Professional
TLH: 8910
Created: Jul 19, 06

[32 kbps / changed to 24kpbs]
Broadcasting from Industrialinfo Radio, Talk Radio featuring Business, Finance and Investments produced by the BizRadio Network
on air with 1048 TLH as of 080926. OUCH! That’s a massive drop in TLH – unless I was wrong about the figures (again) back in Feb. 2008.
– Industrial Info Radio
(Remember coming across this station a couple years ago … created January 2003 w/over 15000 TLH as of Feb. 2008)

Its About Finance: News and CEO Interviews
[64 kbps / changed to 16kbps]
Daily Financial News, Market Reports and CEO Interviews from the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ & CHX.
off air / (Live365 We’re Sorry Message)

[48 kbps / changed to 56kbps]
Interdisciplinary wine-centric
PREVIOUSLY Wine & Dine and WineFairy
on air with 1632 TLH as of 080926. Partners with wsRADIO

– Wine & Dine
(Created 2004 – w/2000 TLH as of Feb. 2008)

The History Capsule
16 kbps
Early 1900’s music, historical newscast, the sounds of history with old time radio.
STILL off air / (Live365 We’re Sorry Message)
– The History Capsule
(Live365 We’re Sorry Message – searching online led me to this station …
(was this their iTunes station’s podcast?)
Is this station related to this Live365 station or these podcast?

Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini & Freddie O’Connell
64 kbps
Unbuckling the Buckle of the Bible Belt.
on air with 2200 TLH as of 080928.
(1200 TLH as of Feb. 2008 created August 2007)

New Dimensions
56 kbps
New Dimensions is an independent producer (heard on many NPR stations) of radio dialogues which explore the emerging possibilities for global transformation. New Dimensions is a powerful forum for innovative and inspiring voices and views on a wide range
on air with 11025 TLH as of 080926.
– New Dimensions
(Created January 2006 w/over 15000 TLH at 56k as of Feb. 2008) Network
32 kbps
Talk Radio For The Progressive Mind
STILL off air
(No Stream – 3 streams listed in L365 dir with less than 1000 TLH [as of Feb. 2008] – created in 2002 / abandoned in 2007?) (See Also Avant Guard AM)
“ is a Listener Supported internet radio project that operated from January 2002 to January 2008, serving up millions of streams of live internet radio to a worldwide audience, using no commercial or government funding, operating solely on contributions from our listeners.”

32 kbps Real estate education, info, news, talk. Capitalize on real property!
on air with 1524 TLH as of 080926
– Real Estate Nation
(Created August 2006 – w/nearly 3000 TLH)

[128 kbps / changed to 96kbps]
Chill tunes punctuated by truly amazing stories from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!®
on air
TLH: 85
Created: Aug 9, 07
– Ripley Retro Radio
(No Stream)

Smallbiz America Radio
[64 kbps / changed to 56kbps]
A wide variety of informational interviews and programming to help you survivie and thrive in your small business.
on air with 2154 TLH as of 080926.
– Smallbiz America Radio
(Created March 2007 – w/over 3000 TLH as of Feb. 2008)

Solace Radio
24 kbps
Messianic Radio teaches Torah principles in a non-denominational instructional format, including old and new testament prophecies, and fundamental Bible principles for Christians, Messianic believers, and anyone interested in a blessed life.
on air with 8945 TLH as of 080926.
– Solace Radio
(Created November 2006 – w/over 8000 TLH as of Feb. 2008)

SignOn Radio by The Union Tribune
128 kbps
News, Talk and Interviews about San Diego and the world.
on air
TLH: 996 as of 080926
Created: May 30, 07

Traders Nation
32 kbps
Talk programming about smallcap stocks and other financial matters
on air with 1299 TLH as of 080926.
– Traders Nation
(Created February 2003 – w/1600 TLH)
96 kbps
Covering politics in North Carolina and beyond
on air
TLH: 890 as of 080926
Created: Apr 21, 08

32 kbps
The Worldwide Leader in Internet Talk
on air with 724 TLH as of 080926.
(Created August 2007 w/1000 TLH as of Feb. 2008) –> –>

About Us: started broadcasting on August 15, 2001 with 5 shows. The ws of wsRadio stands for World Syndicated Radio. We have grown to over 120 shows adding additional shows each month. We are proud to claim the title as the largest independent Internet talk radio station in the world. It is important to note that we produce all of the shows on wsRadio in a turnkey process.

We produce eBay Radio for eBay, Washington Times Radio for “America’s Newspaper” The Washington Times, PayPal Radio for Paypal, Marketing Matters Live! for the American Marketing Association, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Radio and for high profile companies, associatons, and individuals with business, health, hobby, political and special interest shows. We are also proud to have produced an entire network for Entrepreneur Magazine and HayHouse Publications.

The former Entrepreneneur Magazine Radio Network has been combined with the business shows to create the wsRadio Business Network, “The Worldwide Leader In Business Talk”. All previous Entrepreneur Magazine Radio shows plus eBay Radio, PriceWaterHouseCoopers Radio, and PayPal Radio have been rebranded as part of the wsRadio Business Network at www.wsRadio.Biz
56 kbps
Change the Life of Your Business – Finding Your Entrepreneurial Center
on air
TLH: 1517 as of 080926
Created: Feb 28, 07 –>

Your Money Matters!
64 kbps
Everyday finance for everyday people. Your host Marc Pearlman interviews leading authors and experts in a variety of fields as it relates to personal finance. Get tips on how to improve your finances and your lives! The format is entertaining and infor
on air with 4764 TLH as of 080926.
TLH: 4764
Created: Nov 21, 07

Other PRO Live365 Talk Stations Not in iTunes Directory

Vote Talk Radio
Community, Talk, Government
TLH: 1
Created: Dec 29, 03 – Community


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