SMiles Lewis on Out-The-Rabbit-Hole on 911 Precognition

911 PRECOG – Exploring the OverMind there an aspect of consciousness that transcends linear time and occasionally manifests for us as something we call pre-cognitive or prophetic dreams and visions? Are some events, as philosopher of consciousness Terence McKenna
suggested, of such historical import and laden with such novelty that
they send psychic shockwaves back into time that astute observers can
pick up as early warnings in the dreamworld? Writer, informationalist
and gonzo alt. media proprietor SMiles Lewis will be back to wrestle
with these questions. Lewis, of and, has chronicled a peculiar variety of bizarre and intense pre-9/11 altered state of consciousness reports from several sources
that seemed to have a predictive nature about that event. If there is
validity to this, new reports presaging a coming event should give one
pause…. This will all be discussed within the larger context of the
mysteries of mind and the psychedelic experience.

Talk of 911 and possible precognition of “terrorist” events is incredibly timely given the recent claim of a foiled Bojinka-2 style mass terror event and Parapolitical Researcher Alex Jones’ launching of Operation Expose the Government Terrorists Part-2. Besides reading the parapolitical data points that lead to his July 25th, 2001 prediction of and “call to arms”over the impending September 11th False Flag attacks, Alex has rarely discussed his apparently precognitive dream of 911 that was a large part of the impetus behind his July 25th Alert.

Now you can take the Blue Pill by Tuning In to a Radio Show designed to
help us back “Out of the Rabbit Hole” so we can fix the problems
exposed by the New Awareness.

Out of the Rabbit Hole

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