Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools – Reveal

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Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools Part 1

Stairs lead to the basement of Drexel Hall at the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Some community members want the basement to be searched for unmarked graves. Credit: Mary Annette Pember/ICT

In a two-part collaboration with ICT (formerly Indian Country Today), we expose the painful legacy of boarding schools for Native children.  Listen to part two here.

These schools were part of a federal program designed to destroy Native culture and spirituality, with the stated goal to “kill the Indian and save the man.” ICT reporter Mary Annette Pember, a citizen of the Red Cliff Band of Ojibwe, explores the role the Catholic Church played in creating U.S. policy toward Native people and takes us to the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Under pressure from the community, the school has launched a truth and healing program and is helping to reintroduce traditional culture to its students. 

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Buried Secrets: America’s Indian Boarding Schools Part 2

A Catholic boarding school on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is seeking forgiveness for its troubled history. But school survivors want justice first.

ICT reporter Mary Annette Pember, a citizen of the Red Cliff Band of Ojibwe, visits Red Cloud Indian School, which has launched a truth and healing initiative for former students and their descendants. A youth-led activist group called the International Indigenous Youth Council has created a list of demands that includes financial reparations and the return of tribal land. The group also wants the Catholic Church to open up its records about the school’s past, especially information about children who may have died there. 

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#RushCovers – La Villa Strangiato

#RushCovers – La Villa Strangiato


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Depth Charge


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Grooving our y’all


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Encounter 103: “A Creature from the Blackest Memory of your Fears” – The Saucer Life

Artist’s impression of the Flatwoods monster
by Tim Bertelink, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Flatwoods Monster appeared in Braxton County, West Virginia in September 1952, at the tail end of a summer full of flying saucers all over the United States. The bizarre sighting drew the attention of people from established saucer figure Donald Keyhoe to neophyte Gray Barker and, even today, the brief incident remains a tourist touchstone in the small community. Join us as we look at the earliest reports and spend some time tracing the development of the legend of the Flatwoods Monster.

Source: Encounter 103: “A Creature from the Blackest Memory of your Fears” – The Saucer Life

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Exclusive to WhoWhatWhy: The Barrett Brown Podcast

The Barrett Brown Podcast

Barrett Brown, Suzie Dawson, John Kiriakou

Barrett Brown (left), Suzie Dawson and John Kiriakou Photo credit: Barrett









Barrett Brown talks with CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and with Suzie Dawson, the head of New Zealand’s Internet Party. Brown also offers a brief commentary on what he thinks of the current “rule of law.”

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Full Text Transcript at…

Source: Exclusive to WhoWhatWhy: The Barrett Brown Podcast – WhoWhatWhy

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Boston Marathon Bombing Cover-Up: A Conversation with Michele McPhee

Boston Marathon Bombing Cover-Up: A Conversation with Michele McPhee – WhoWhatWhy

Author and Journalist Discusses Why the Government’s Story is Unraveling

AUDIO LINK: http://goo.gl/AGDiiU

FBI Director, Robert Mueller, briefs President Obama on the Boston Marathon bombings. He resigned in September of 2013, only months after the bombings occurred. Photo credit: By Pete Souza/Flickr
For nearly four years, WhoWhatWhy has written repeatedly about the Boston Marathon bombing. In dozens of investigative articles, we have shown how the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) official version of the tumultuous events of April 2013 did not make sense.Now, longtime Boston investigative journalist Michele McPhee argues persuasively in her new book, “Maximum Harm,” that the feds have been keeping important information about this tragedy from the public.

In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast with Jeff Schechtman, McPhee fingers Tamerlan Tsarnaev as an FBI informant gone rogue. She talks about compelling evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were not the bombmakers, and asks how Tamerlan was able to travel back and forth to Russia despite being on two government watch lists and having no apparent financial resources.

She also discusses the role that the US intelligence community played in covering up the key fact that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was one of its protected “assets.”

If you’ve been following this story here on WhoWhatWhy, this is a must listen.

Editor’s Note: see here for our in-depth book review of Maximum Harm.

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Full Text Transcript:

As a service to our readers, we provide transcripts with our podcasts. We try to ensure that these transcripts do not include errors. However, due to a constraint of resources, we are not always able to proofread them as closely as we would like and hope that you will excuse any errors that slipped through.


Jeff Schechtman: Welcome to Radio WhoWhatWhy. I’m Jeff Schechtman.

Source: Boston Marathon Bombing Cover-Up: A Conversation with Michele McPhee – WhoWhatWhy

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The Liminalist # 42: Hollywood Transgressor (with Alex Cox) – AUTICULTURE

Long-form conversation with independent filmmaker Alex Cox, on Alex in winter wonderland, diegetic sound, Oxford days, the changing climate at Oxford, an environment of the oligarchy, the idiot rich, film school years, Repo Man, Harry Dean Stanton … Jimmy Savile, BBC, organized abuse, the problem of nihilistic glamor, heroin addiction and childhood trauma, plugging Sebastian’s book, turning pain into glamor, covering up crimes, … of crime, politics, & entertainment, Lobster magazine, … Universal studio’s subterfuge with Walker and the Havana film festival, tricking Castro, gray studio suits faking hipness, how Universal abandoned their own movies, … pure propaganda movies, CIA film production, Operation Mockingbird, Carl Bernstein’s career trajectory, Bob Woodward and Naval Intelligence, Hollywood intelligence link, The Counselor and Tony Scott’s suicide note, the Scott brothers, … Dave McGowan and Laurel Canyon, CIA-LSD, …meeting Hunter S. Thompson, HST’s Hollywood enablers, Loose Change, David Lynch speaking out on 9/11, … Room 237 and the cult of Kubrick, … quantum field experience, Rashomon Tombstone and crowd control, how to assert authority without hurting anyone.

Alex Cox’s website.

Songs: “El Mariachi”  and “Monkey Said,” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Big Nothing,” by The McManus Gang; “The Good the Bad & the Ugly,” by The Pogues; “Money Guns, and Coffee,” by Pray for Rain. (All songs from Straight to Hell soundtrack, used by permission of Alex Cox.)

Source: The Liminalist # 42: Hollywood Transgressor (with Alex Cox) – AUTICULTURE

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Seeming, Being, and the Courage to go Deeper by Briana Saussy

Albino-Western-Diamondback-RattlesnakeRead the whole article / post here: BrianaSaussy.com
In the old stories when the hero needed to see something clearly, needed to strip away illusion and get to the bottom of something she would often ask three questions:
Who are you?
Where do you come from?
What is your name?
These questions are not mere literary devices to make the story move forward. They are the exact same questions that sacred artists have been taught to ask of their dreams, their intuitive flashes, and their liminal experiences. They are questions that allow each experience we encounter, be it a a feather fallen on the ground at our feet, a mysterious figure that showed up in our dreams, or an idea that is presented as the latest and greatest, to reveal itself as what it actually IS, not what we, or someone else, would like it to be, but what it actually is here and now.
Who are you? Let the experience, the idea, the object speak for itself — not what you want or need it to be, not what someone or some book tells you it is — learn from it directly.
Where do you come from? What is the source of this idea, this experience, this teaching? What is the lineage? What ground has it sprung out of and what are the motivations behind it?
What is your name? Older than old wisdom teaches us that to know the true name of a thing is to know the essence, to know the very being.
The process is not easy, not cut and dry, not reducible to a 7 step program or a diagnostic test. It requires descent into shadowy realms and willingness to lift up rocks and see what is living underneath them, a courage to look beyond the appearances and see what is actually there. It requires practice. That is where the miracles happen. That is where the magic begins.
(Listen to this lunar letter by clicking here).

Seeming, Being, and the Courage to go Deeper ⋆ Briana Saussy.

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Peter Dale Scott: The American Deep State (ONE of TWO)

Peter Dale Scott: The American Deep State (ONE of TWO)

by Maria on December 30, 2014


Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy
Professor Peter Dale Scott is a Canadian-born former diplomat, and retired Professor of Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of many books and articles on state terrorism, surveillance, drug-dealing by the CIA, and political assassinations.

His most recent book, The American Deep State, October 2014 by Rowman & Littlefield, makes a compelling case for a hidden “deep state” that influences and often opposes official U.S. policies. The deep state is a second order of government, behind the public or constitutional state, that has grown considerably stronger since World War II. Peter Dale Scott cites convincing evidence that the deep state is partly institutionalized in non-accountable intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA, but it also includes private corporations like Booz Allen Hamilton and SAIC, to which 70 percent of intelligence budgets are outsourced. Behind these public and private institutions is the traditional influence of Wall Street bankers and lawyers, allied with international oil companies beyond the reach of domestic law.

Peter Dale Scott gives the outline of this argument in Part ONE of this program – followed by the recording of a lively Q/A session. I recorded this talk on November 9, 2014, in the poetry room upstairs at City Lights bookstore and publishing house in San Francisco. Peter Maravelis, the events coordinator for City Lights, gave the introduction to Party ONE.

Standard Podcast [ 29:01 ] Download

Peter Dale Scott: The American Deep State (ONE of TWO).

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